Archive - Feb 17, 2008

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WIP - Hemlock Ring Blanket

I'm currently working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I'm using Cascade Eco+ Blue #7076 on two #10 circular needles. Here it is at round 47.

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5 Hour Baby Sweater

One of my co-workers is expecting his first child, so our department took up a collection to buy baby gifts. I added a baby sweater and hat to the gifts.

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Thanks, guys

For your catty comments!

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Our Clog-A-Thon

Does anyone remember our clog-a-thon a few year ago?

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The Tao of Frou

This is one boy's attempt at the art of randomness.

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A little bit off topic, but

I will be adopting a cat this week. Cat-nature being what it is, I expect the new arrival to enthusiastically volunteer to "help" me with my knitting.

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I am making these for Dennis's (HWMBO) 5 yr old grandaughter. I used the size 2 yr pattern except my gauge is 6 sts per inch instead of 8 so they should fit her.

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This is my second time doing this project.

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Another scully

This is my 3rd attempt to get this image up!

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My first few caps!

Here's a few caps I made this winter...more to come!