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Confusion - Re: Hiking Socks pattern in The Knitting Man(ual)

Okay, so I'm down to the heel and am confused on what the pattern is saying to do. If you have the book, I'm at "HEEL" on page 64.

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My first entry

Here are some pictures of recent projects. A couple of hats and a couple of mobius scarves.

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Sweet and slow

It's a wonder I make any progress at all:

Diagonal Lace Scarf Pattern

I did not think I could access this at work but I can. Here it is. I did the repeat 2 extra times for a total of 30 stitches. Came out 9 x 55 after blocking.

255 stitches in 3 minutes !!!

Just saw a blurb on BBC - about the world's fastest knitter, a woman from Shetland, who knits 255 stitches in 3 minutes going to defend her crown this weekend in Minneapolis - at the Mall of America a

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Palindrome Scarf

I've been working on this scarf off and on since December. I've been holed up in a hotel room for the past week sick with a nasty case of the flu so it gave me a chance to finish it up.

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Knitted objects

here are two pics of knitted and crocheted jelleyfish...from a window display in Canada.

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Two Socks at Once!

Reporting back on the two at once sock class, as I promised BuduR: