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January 8th

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Knitting Bumper Sticker

I just saw a bumper sticker today that said, "Men who knit have balls." I'm sure the guy thought I was either stalking him or had some sort of road rage but I was just wanting to find out where he go

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I will now destroy this book.

I love my 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book, and the projects in it seem like they'd be way fun.

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Organization Rears It's Ugly Head

Tonight's the night.

I have the stash piled high around the dining room table... laptop at the ready... digital camera poised to shutter...

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I'm a new member here. I was in the midst of setting up my profile when I asked my manfriend if he had any good pictures of me I could use for the purpose. He said nonesuch ~exist~!

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Interchangeable Quest Over (Sort of)

Purly Man PM'd me a while back to inquire as to whatever became of my interchangeable needle quest (I was torn between the KP Options Harmony and Denise sets).

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No time to talk, have to spin....

Kromski Minstrel, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

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This is TOO much fun

So... I started in on the Teddy Bear (Baby Bobbi Bear pattern) and I am having a blast!

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Frustrations and Disaster

My second project…..uuuugh……finally put out of its misery and was assassinated around the first of the year. Look to your left and you will see what is left.

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Variation on "Faux Spanish"

PDF file attached. The question was asked how would one knit the 'Faux Spanish' as a stole...I answered when the question was asked - but this version is a bit more "elegant" in it's simplicity.

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Thank You

Thank you all for your responses to my flat hat dilemma. I am presently trying to calculate how much duct tape to wrap around my head to keep it from splattering my monitor!