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January 12th

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Lace Fan

Morning guys I would like to know is there anyone out there with a pattern for a lace the Victorian Period fans.......

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Men with Balls

Last evening I was at my local knit shop for the friday evening knit group.

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At the risk of this becoming a YSP

I've gotten past the ribbing, and on round 5 of my pattern. I'm doing the Vine Lace Stocking from Knit Picks. Here's where I'm confused,
CO 74st. the pattern is set up as

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Giving In to the Demons

That's right boys, I'm no longer fighting and giving up. If you don't hear from me for awhile send help!

January 11th

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Whats a good Stitch Dictionary?

Hey guys, I am thinking about getting a Stitch Dictionary and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or has any that they really like and find useful :)

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Loose purls?

I just bought a new skein of baby yarn to start a simple roll-edge hat for our soon-to-be born daughter. I was being a good boy and knitting a gauge swatch in stockinette.

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The Sweater Curse De-mystified

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Howdy All!

Hey there everyone! Nice to meet you all!

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Another Attempt At Colorwork

I made this beanie loosely based upon a pattern I saw on a piece of pottery. While not perfect I am happier with it than the first attempt at stranding.

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Kendall Lace

I derived this pattern from a "kendel" lace pattern in a late 1800's pattern book.