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January 18th

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Grrrrrr (that's not the bear growling)

So, I don't quite understand the picture uploading here yet, so I'm trying again. :-) That seems to work!

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yarn weight/guage help me unravel the mystery

OK, so I go the yarn store and think I know what I want and I pick up what looks like a chunky wt yarn but says its bulky and then Rachel (my friendly knitting ninja/store person) tells me its really

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hat troubles

I have knitted a couple hats on the round and all of them have the same issues. When I am finished (though it shows during my work, also) the rim of the hat curls and rolls up.

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Sheep to Shawl

Not really knitting related but most definitely fiber related; last week was the 25th Annual Sheep to Shawl competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

January 17th

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Posting Events

Does anyone know how to post an upcoming event on MWK?

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Sweater Blocker

Should I block a sweater before I sew it together.......... I have made a sweater before and never block it....... I would like to have your opinion.....

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Print O' The Wave Shawl

Just off the blocking wires, Euny Jang's Print o' the Wave shawl. The yarn is Jamieson & Smith Laceweight, shade L40, and I used 6 balls of it. Needles are 3.5mm.

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counting cast ons

Appoligies in advance if this is a dumb quesiotion.

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Since it feels like a sharing day

Here's my baby.... Thought I would share a picture of him. If any of you have a good knit pattern for anything for him, let me know....maybe a knitted bandana??

January 16th

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Double point crochet circular needles

Double point crochet circular needles..... can u knit with them also.... if is will it be the same as u are knitting with regular circular knitting needles beside these have hook on them.......