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December 16th

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Odd! Ravelry Button

I just noticed on Sunday that when I open Mozilla Firefox browser... the Ravelry logo appears next to both the Ravelry and the MenWhoKnit quick link buttons on the toolbar.

December 15th

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Socks In Progress

Right now I have 3 pairs of socks in the works. Of course two of those each have one completed sock. It's just the way I am.

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I'm trying to get an image onto this post

Blocking works miracles

I knit this last year for my son; I had to anticipate his growth to make it worthwhile. It fit him correctly only after washing and blocking (duh!).

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Socks for Christmas

Every year for Christmas I make my Mom some really warm comfortable socks. This year I went with a plain Cable sock that I found on Ravelry. I just finished the first one!

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Blocking Hats

There is life after THE scarf and I am enjoying it. I'm working on the "YugiDean Hat". It's a great pattern , fun and knits up quickly. Kudos Joshua.

December 14th

dog vest - jacket

hi guys!

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Just Requested an Invation to Ravelry.

Well I just requested an invation to Ravelry.

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16 in circular needles

I hate them. I got one to make one of my recent hats, and started working with the circular needle... I find the needle part far too short...

Block Party Tonite!

Pray for me, boys...