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December 2nd

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Feeling Lazy

I have been so lazy about my knitting lately. I guess it must be all of the holiday rush. I think about knitting. I think about how much I like knitting.

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Tips for tangled yarn???

When I got the alligator scarf kit in the mail, the yarn was just unwound hanks.

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Garter Stitch - and why I hate it

I understand that Garter Stitch is basically the first stitch every beginning knitter learns...But, gosh darn it, I hate it.

December 1st

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FO Pink Neck Thing

Still thinking of ways to button this...

Thanks to Elisa for ideas.

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Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

This is current re-blocking over a pie plate to increase slouchiness.

Knitted on size 8s instead of size 10s in Rowan Cocoon, Emerald.

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FO Green Tam

Here's mark 2 of the white beret you saw earlier. Just a basic variation of the diagonal lace pattern:
Row 1: *k2tog, k1, yo* to end
Row 2: k to end

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Drastically and unapologetically OT

Ok... slightly apologetically....

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Scarf Exchange

Here is a picture of my scarf so far. The picture is a little dark (photography is not my forte). I merged a cable pattern I liked with a traditional tube scarf.

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Ok so I am going to pony up and learn how to knit. I am nervous and intimidated but determined. HELP! I need someone to hold my hand!

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Cable Scarves

A friend of mine wanted me to make her a thin scarf that was only a cable, nothing else--her dreamed up design, and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this--I am not afraid to just c