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December 5th

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Here in Connecticut and knitting like crazy!

I hope that I'm not the only one representing the Nutmeg State.

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Gator Scarf

Just finished the Gator Scarf from Moorehouse Yarns. It was a fun and easy pattern to follow. I added a bunch of bumps to get to the 57", but the kit had plenty of yarn so it wasn't a problem.

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Scarf exchange

Well, I had busted my booty to knit a gorgeous scarf for the fellow in Ireland for his birthday, but he's been a bit of a fuckwit (can I say that here?) and I'm not too chuffed about sending that scar

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Knit Picks Warm Pallet Sampler

So, I finally got my Warm Pallet Sampler with the included pattern for a knit bag. I really like the pattern; however, a bag like that and my style of dress don't quite mix.

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Finishing socks

I've been busy working on my first sock and I am finally ready to end it. I was told to use kitchener stitch.

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Friday - The day after... :)

Well, I went early because I wanted to get a lot of knitting done and spend time with my friends, and wouldn't you know it when the "Mean Lady" shows up the only open seat is on the couch right next t

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Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while and enjoying the advice and chat. Figured it was time to speak up and say hello.

Autumn Rainbow Hat

Hi guys. I've been watching and reading for a while now. I thought it was time I made a post of my own. This Christmas everyone gets hats.

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Knitting like mad

Finished this hat. It is the Habitat pattern by Jared Flood. Such a beautiful pattern. I have made four of them for gifts

December 4th

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Finally Finished.

A slip stitch sweater that kept giving me the slip. LOL