Archive - Dec 22, 2008

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Drop Spindles

I am looking into learning how to hand spin my own yarn. I would like to start with a drop spindle. I wondered if anyone had a suggestion of a reputable site that sells drop spindles?

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Another Snow Day...

So here I sit all snowed in. The snow here is deaper than the ground clearance on my Honda Element, so here I sit. I still have to work, producing a new web store for work.

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Another Maine project.

The Double Dishcloth Shawl

Scarf Exchange

Well, I've finished the scarf for my spoilee; but, I've yet to hear from them. So, if you haven't written you may be the one...

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I would like to wish all the best things:
- more energy and "four hands for knitting"
Jerzy from Krakow