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November 17th

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Yeah it's me with another thing that doesn't have to fit!

Here is a scarf I just taught a class in making. It is from the Victorian Lace Today book (I've downsized it for my petite wife who did not want a wide scarf).

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is this possible, I need help

For those who are following my saga, I have decided to do socks. The person helping me has gotten me started with the top of the sock, but isn't available to help me for about 2 weeks.

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Philly knit shops??

Hi folks,

I'm traveling to Philly for the end of the week and weekend. Do any of you have any recommendations about Philly yarn shops to visit?? I'll be in downtown, mostly.


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Regia Socks

While I'm waiting for my next jumper wools to arrive, I decided to knit a pair of socks.

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What a disaster!

What a disaster, I ordered three amazing yarns at superb prices as part of the 'closeout' deals from Webs and my parcel has gone missing.

November 16th

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My buddy's scarf and why I hate football

First, I don't actually hate football. While I am terrible at playing it, I enjoy watching it from time to time, and the great joy that is tailgating.

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Calendar Photos

I posted some pics in the calendar section. I'd love to hear feedback from everyone if they have an opinion they'd like to share! Thanks, guys!

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I think I screwed up my Scarf Exchange already... My spoilee replied to my initial email, then I replied back, but forgot to switch to my anonymous email address before sending!! *headdesk*

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Progress Pic Of Current Sweater Project

Stash buster sweater is coming along. Ugly as sin, but coming along LOL

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Gauge Gone Wild

or... "Math is HARD!"

I don't know what I did wrong here but the results are certainly entertaining to look at! If Clowns weren't so disturbing...