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November 21st

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The View from My Window next Week will be

I will be on Holiday Woohoo!

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What would you do in a group situation with a person who has to one-up everyone or strives to make a nasty negative comment?

Beat them sensless.
14% (9 votes)
Call them out in front of everyone and embarrass them.
17% (11 votes)
Return fire with the exact same attitude, Give them a taste of their own medicine.
24% (15 votes)
Pull them aside and explain your feelings.
24% (15 votes)
Tell them you feel sorry for them then leave and never come back?
21% (13 votes)
Total votes: 63

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Scarf Exchange

I have about 10 inches done on the scarf. I get most of it done on the weekend, so it should grow in length a lot over the next couple of days. It should be finished on time with no problem.

November 20th

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Ugh...OT but fun

So, I have about six inches done of my buddy scarf, I really need to work on it more, but I have been kind of sick. I feel fine, but I have crap in my lungs from all the cold weather.

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Scarf Exchange

I've written to my spoilee and have had a response from him. I've started his scarf and am about a third way through. Enjoying it, so hopefully have it finished soon

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Another Lace Scarf

Well this one flew off the needles - a quick and easy to memorize pattern from The pattern is called Lace Ribbon Scarf - and I did not repeat the pattern rows as called for.

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Ethics/etiquette question (and a technical question)

I was writing up the pattern for my tri-colored flecked tweed hat and was planning on posting it to Ravelry, but then a question about ethics and etiquette dawned on me.

Thanksgiving in Houston

I'll be in Houston for Thanksgiving. Know of 'must see' yarn shops? I'll be close to West University and the Shepard/Kirby area. Thanks!

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Knitting a hat.

So I bought this knit flat-topped hat at Saturday Market 13 years ago. I love this hat. Every time I wear this hat, I get all kinds of compliments.

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Scarf Exchange Questions

Ok so some of us guys have been talking about some areas of the exchange
1) Do you like tea or coffee, Whole Bean or ground, Full leaf or packaged?
2) Do you like chocolate?