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November 6th

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Wow, what amazing news!

According to an email I got at the MWKExchange address, We've won 500,000 GB pounds!

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Pi Shawl by me

Early last month I received my b-day present, knitpicks Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle Set and their lace weight "Gloss Lace" in Aegean (5 hanks) and with these I am wor

November 5th

Socks- converting a pattern

I recently-ish learned to knit socks with the after-thought heel. I really want to learn to do a heel/gusset etc. Can I convert this heel-waiting-to-be-completed? And if do you do it?

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Baby stuff

I do not know any small children currently. I do not hang out with new borns, as I do not have one, nor do any of my friends that live near me.

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"Spoon" Chrysanthenum Shawl/Laprobe

One of the show forms of Mums is called "spoon" the petals are tubular for most of their length, flaring out at the ends. Officially, this is what the shawl is suppossed to represent.

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Back Tracking: First Circular Lace Project Finally Blocked

As you may have gathered, I've been trying to catch up and block all the lace projects I've completed but never took the time to block.

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Nov 08 WIP knit, Men WHo Knit Retreat

These are my two Knitting WIP.

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Urban Knitting: The world's most inoffensive graffiti

Knitters gone wild!

November 4th

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OT: My Romanian flight (long)

as I sit here planning my trip to Germany next year I got to thinking about the horror that was my trip to Romania and decided to tell you all about it, since I have kind of hinted around about it be

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Sock Knitting Bag

I'm so lazy and I can't stand to waste precious knitting time searching the internet - so - can anyone give me the links for thos practical sock knitting bags, please?