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November 14th

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Binding Off

Since Britisher has brought up the subject of binding off, I would be interested in hearing how others handle bind offs.

November 14th

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Picking up stitches and Kitchener Stitch Bind-off

I find there's something very satisfying about picking up stitches to make the neckband of a sweater (or to knit sleeves gansay-style from shoulder down). Perhaps it's the reassurance that you've almost made it after knitting the body and arms.

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I'm torn, need help

I know that 'knotaproblem' just asked a similar question, but what people say for him might not be the same for me, so here it goes.

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Lots of people have been asking how I am, where I am and what I'm up to, so I decided a little update was in order!

November 13th

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Scarf Exchange matches have been sent!

Hey Guys!

I am sorry for the delay, but I am happy to report that all matchups have been mailed. If you do not have an email from me (, check a couple of things:

Question on yarn thickness

I'm new to knitting, fairly new, I've made small items. I began work on my first large item a week ago, a hoodie.

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[insert catchy name here]

I'm thinking of posting my Tri-Color Flecked Tweed hat pattern on Ravelry for sale or free or whatever, but I was trying to think of a more interesting name. Any ideas from you guys?

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I hate baby things

So I finally got these things done. I hated every moment like you could not believe. I don't know why...I just hated working on these.

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Briefs, Jockstraps, and other guy type underthings

One reason I joined men who knit is I thought it would be a good place to trade patterns for men type garments.

Especially cool, funny, knit, undergarments.

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Fleece Yarn?

Has anyone out there tried any of the fleece yarn on the market?