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October 26th

Icarus shawl

Can anyone give me the pattern on Icarus shawl

October 26th

Blouse in 8-play black silk-rayon with tiny cables

My friend asked me to copy a blouse that her friend had. I knit it from top down. It was a nightmare because of the color and tendency of the yarn to split.

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knitter's thumb?

Hey guys,

October 25th

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Thought you might find this interesting

I saw this on my local news and thought I would pass it along.

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Mittens from Middle -Norway

To pairs off traditional mittens from my home area. the mittens to the left are called " sjøvotter" sea mittens or fishermans mittens.

October 24th

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Sweater, colors from plants.

Made it three years ago, but I have never used it.

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Well Hello Boys!

well I know it's been FOREVER since I have been around. I've been busy throwing lemons and boy are my arms tired! *rim shot*

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yarn harlot

Rhinebeck was so much fun and I managed to get my picture taken with "The Yarn Harlot" even though I made a bumbling fool of myself.

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Barroque Christmas / Navidad Barroca

This is one of the most interesting hats that I have made. I guess I keep surprising myself with the creativity that Tapestry Crochet enables me to express.

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Yarn holding question

Me again. I am new at this, so don't be made that I post every day. Anyway, I know I don't hold the yarn properly. I am not doing continental or English. I guess I am close to English.