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October 5th

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So its been a while,...

(Pictures for the below mentioned projects can be found on my blog : )

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Away to me!

Just back from the Virginia Wool Festival and Sheep Dog Trials. Man, I love those sheep dogs. We used to go every year, but it's been a few years and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

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Need suggestions for shawl pattern

Hey Guys,

October 4th

Ha! I remembered my Log In name!

I picked up knitting again during Hurricane Ike. There are only a few of things you can do by candlelight while awake, and I, for one, got tired of playing with my candle.

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Fast and easy shawl

Made this shawl for my sister out of worsted weight and 8mm needles. I started at the top and included shoulder shaping and a gusset. It is nice and roomy and she tells me it stays on very well.

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is it me....................

Right....I've finally cracked and bought Debbie Stollers 'Son of stitch n bitch' as I was reading through the book and went through some of the patterns all I could think was 'am I this dumb or is thi

October 3rd

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another Hemmy

So I'm knitting another Hemlock throw bu in lace weight...Jade Sapphire actually cashmere/silk blend. So its all shorts of nice...let me see it i can find a pic...

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As per normal in Oregon in the Fall, it is raining today. After a couple weeks of decent weather, with only a little rain, it fully rained today, and is continuing to do so.

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Kenneth and his sweater

So about three weeks ago I find this baby chihuahua running down one of Denver's busiest downtown streets. Nobody around claimed him so I brought him home.

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sweater further along

Been working hard on the sweater i started for my sister for Christmas. It is heavy so i am thinking it will be a coat. I am even considering a zipper. Has anyone done a zipper on a sweater?