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October 11th

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Scarf/Mitt combo done

Well I sarted this scarf last year and finished in January. I felt quite accomplished tying off the scarf's end. I gave it to my, then, fairly new girlfriend.

big sisters

:) reflects the couple's low-key approach to their royal connections.

October 10th

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Pain, Sleeves and My Landlord

I have been in great pain since Monday, somehow I hurt my Achilles tendon and so now I hobble around campus, trying to walk the least distance possible.

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Oh good. Another Christmas gift request in mid-October.

Hey all-
My mom's just requested a black & white scarf for Christmas.

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Celtic Sun FO

Here is the hat after being blocked. It is made with bBerroco Bonsai Bamboo yarn 97% Bamboo and 3 % Nylon, very slippery, but fun to work with.

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Knit Picks Catalogue

So, I'm looking at the back cover of the recent Knit Picks catalogue and I really like the handbag pattern (however, I want to make it into a pillow).

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How hard is it really?

So my wife and I want to start knitting. Basically we think it would be a good hobby to take up for 2 reasons.

October 9th

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Celtic Sun A Tapestry Crochet Adventure

Tapestry Crochet is very similar to Color Stranding, You use two colors or more and youhave many choices as to how to carry the yarn or make bobbins if you want.

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Shameless Plug

I posted on the Ravelry site last night when I finally uploaded, but...

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2 circulars

Dear Knitters,