Archive - Oct 16, 2008

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So, the sweater that I knit in three different guages that got felted so I could one day make something uber-creative with the resultant fabric?

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The test knitter for one of my patterns didn't catch any errors - but her photo din't look quite what I envisioned.

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Rhinebeck Bound!

We leave this evening so that we can set up our booth tomorrow. If you're going to be there, come look for us in Barn 31.

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You'd have to be crazy...

I was just wandering around the Net looking at different yarns and saw one called Vicuna yarn. So I clicked and read about the rare nature of the yarn. Then I saw the price tag for one skein...

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Candle Flame Shawl on Utku's gran

Here it is blocked...

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What am I doing wrong

So I just learned last week how to knit, and was doing fine with the knit stitch. I then looked online and saw how to purl and I think I am doing that right too.