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Beaded Scarf

Late last fall, I took a class in beaded knitting through the knitting guild. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but not having the beads, and not knowing what pattern to use...

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Ugly Holes

Just finishing up a fairly nice cable vest, actually its the "Gray Cabled Vest'' on pg.

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need a pattern for a top down sweater on circular needles

not a frequent poster here but have chatted with a few of you about my sweater fears. Decided to bite the bullet and try one, need a pattern. Anyone have a pattern or a link to a website?

Koolhaas Hat.

Cheers, finished the Koolhaas Hat.I am a disaster at following patterns so I did the crown Dec. by eye. It looks good, had better do another. A vodka & tonic is in order right now.

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Grandma's "Lehmus" Shawl

I've been working on my first lace project. It is the Lehmus shawl pattern and I'm making if for my grandmother.

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philadelphia knitters!

is the knitting cirle tonight at joes coffee?

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Suggestions please

Hi Guys,

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Minor Update


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Janesville/Milton Wisconsin KNIT IN

I had heard tell of an upcoming Knit In in Milton, WI sponsored by the Janesville Knitting Guild.

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Asheville knitters

Anyone ib the Asheville area that would like to start a knitting club ?