Archive - Jan 23, 2008

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A question for hem.

I am planning to hem the neckband on my current sweater project. I have not done this before.

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Gifts for a dear friend

I met up with a dear friend from high school and she made a comment in passing that she would love to have a piece of knitting but couldn't decide between a blue hat or blue gloves.

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It's Official!!

I have knit a sock! woo hoo yay me! I'm sure there's a million mistakes, (I know of at least 2) and it's probably not the world's prettiest sock, but damnit I knit this baby!

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Lamb's Pride

Every time I'm in my LYS I have to pick up a couple of skeins of this stuff. I love to work with it and ribbing just pops out like crazy.

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Has anyone checked out this series of books? I love to do this kind of stuff but are these worth the $21. a piece? If so I'd like to have most of them.

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Hey there just wanted to let everyone know of my new blog... it's

Oh and if you haven't friended me on ravelry I'm Superi on there too!