Archive - Jan 22, 2008

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Noro Stripe Scarf (Extra Pic added)

I realize everybody and their granny has knit this, but its REALLY worth the time. It's a simple pattern, for you beginning knitters, and it looks HOT.

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Labyrinth Finished! Happy 33rd to me!

Unbeknownst to me, without any intention to do so whatsoever, I managed to finish the final touches on my labyrinth just as the clock was turning over to my 33rd birthday. Fun. huh?!

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need help again with 24 Carat Shawl

need help again with 24 Carats Shawl Pattern from ...... on row 25 it say maintaining eyelet pattern and increases, begin chart A1 as follows *k4, yo, s2kp2. yo*k4........

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Front & Back of stitch???????

This is one of the things that completly confuses me when trying to learn a new stitch. When the directions say front or back of stitch what do they mean?

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Tetanus Shot

I am off to get my tetanus shot this aftenoon.

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Knitting in Round Poll

I am curious. A friend asked me if I would show her how to do The Magic Loop. She wants to show her daughter in law, a new enthusiastic knitter who wants to try socks, and couldnt figure it out.

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My daughter's shrug - pics attached

Well, I just finished my daughter's Christmas present today!

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Hello all!

I've been knitting about a year - and finished a cardy for my best friend's daugter Heather!