Archive - Jan 20, 2008

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Can someone please explain

Why I cannot get my images to post? Oh, and please use your clearest, non-techie speak...The Pilgrim may be Knitty...but he's no geek!

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Knit Fit for a Nephew

Over the past year or so, the Pilgrim has created a number of knits for the Long-Suffering Other's adorable neice, the eight-year-old Princess Mary. Mary is more precisely a Pink Princess.

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David's Hat

I've had a couple of requests...... so here it is.

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Ok so a change of plan

After repeatedly ripping out the sock I was working on and getting more and more discouraged, I decided to try a basic sock to boost my confidence a bit.

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Finally working on MY stuff

Well, I'm about done with my housemate's blue scarf and I've begun one for myself, the yarn is organic cotton from Inca Cotton. It is two ply, two colours, and is a thick and thin yarn.

Finished Liesel Scarf

Attached is the scarf for my sister. While I found it fun, I also found it to be a learning experience as they are so many different sts, you need to pay attention.

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I'm trying out a scarf design of my own. I'm sure I'll finish it and a million people will have seen a million patterns just like it, but to me, I made it up.