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One year review

Been knitting on and off for a year. I'd say mostly off, because of plethora of bad happenings this year. (F' the idea that bads comes in threes. It came in fives for me XP )

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Baby Blankets

Hello all,
A friend of mine is expecting a baby and I wanted to knit a baby blanket for the new soon to be addition. However, pricey yarn is always an issue when when living on a budget.

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Baby Gifts

Here are some pictures of the baby gifts I knit for my coworker, who is expecting her first baby the 2nd week of February.

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Modern Knitting Terms

I received these in an email this morning and thought I would share them.

Some newer knitting terms frequently used on the Internet

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Spring Knitting Retreat

I just booked my place at Easton Mountain for the Men's Knitting Retreat in May being organised by QueerJoe. I am really looking forward to it. At this point had to book a place in a 4 man room.

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organizing your needles

I have now acquired a massive number of needles and still have many more left to purchase so I'm thinking of a way to organize them so that I can easily find the size/type that I need for whatever pro


For those people who have recently drooled about rosewood needles, have a look here:

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Toddler sweater

this was knitted of cotton boucle yarn...stripes are a spikey novelty yarn I dyed into crayon colours. My 2.5 year old grandson loves it.'s the basic Ann Norling top down cardigan pattern.

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Lace Shawl

I knit this lace shawl as a Christmas surprise for my wife. She had no clue I was knitting it.