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December 10th

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Not much left

Okay, so I just finished felting the blonde squirrel, and I have to say that I'm pleased with it thus far.

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Check Out My Basket

We don't actually have a fiber arts class at school, so I have been doing my best to work them into my wood & metals courses.

December 9th

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One last squirrel question

I have one last squirrel question. I've read through the rest of the pattern, and it's smooth sailing except for the very next step.

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winter nasties

hey boys, could ya'll do me what i would consider a huge favor?

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Ho Ho Ho Dec07 WIP

Some of my work in progress for the Dec 07 Season
Ho Ho Ho!Thanks for stopping by!

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FO... and my face!

I finished off the cotton hat, knitted on size 1 needles. It was going to be way too big, but a wash and dry seemed to help out a bit.

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thats what happens when you rush

I made a beautiful sock for my new found friend for Xmas. He is going back to the states with his partner next week and we will meet for coffee in the West End of London to say farewell.

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Not squirrel related... LOL

December 8th

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I am so confused right now...

Another squirrelly dilemma. WTF is this pattern? I am so confused.

Soooo, the short rows were easy peasy, and I totally get them.

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Taking a break

Taking a break from the spinning for a minute for a quick post. A few pics of yarn making- I'm working on the grey; next the black, then back to the needles.