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January 19th

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Ribbed Hat

Help guys - there was someone in my work the other day and he had this hat on - I told him I needed to look at it for just a second.. then threw it on the ground and snapped a photo of it and told him I wanted to make one.

"you could make one?" he asked.

"sure" I said (quietly thinking to myself: I usually do hats in the round, and I see that the decreases are in the "purls" of the hat if it was in the round, but changing colors like that in the round would put mean starting the color over every row... damn I hope I can do it!) I THINK there was a seam on the inside of the hat... SO I was wondering if anyone had a "ribbed" hat pattern that I could modify to do blocks of color like this hat - it will have to be sewn up, I'm sure.

anyone have any ideas? I'm going to also show it to my LYS tomorrow when I paint - maybe they can just make up a pattern for me - but I HAVE to ask my men!

thanks for the help!



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The shape of shawls to come...

This is a duplicate of a project I was working on on another forum. I have added some items and changed some others - so it isn't just copy and paste.

I thought I'd I'd put down somewhere all the different "standard" shapes that shawls/wraps seem to come in, and some notes on how to get that shape - This is not including ponchos. I've also (for the most part) excluded consturction methods that involve piecing.

  • 1) circular

  • 1a) gradual increase

  • 1b) puncuated equilibrium ( I'll explain later)
  • 1c) Pi
  • 1d) wedges
  • 1e) Circumfrence inwards
  • 2) Square
    • 2a) edge to edge

  • 2b) corner to corner
  • 2c) in the "round"
  • 2d) mitered
  • 2e) Perimeter INWARDS
  • 2f) Triangular - pieced construction
  • 2g) Log Cabin Construction
  • 3) Variations on a circle:
    • 3a) open

  • 3b) super-circular
  • 3c) semi-circular
  • 3d) PR2 - type
  • 4) Stole (rectangular)
    • 4a) worked lengthwise

    • 4a-1) edge to edge
    • 4a-2) on the bias

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    In the mail....

    These came with the mail yesterday...I found the package laying on my doorstep when I came back from teaching yesterday:

    Wollmeise test hanks

    Colour details

    Colour details

    Colour details

    All of them are small test hanks in all available colourways from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise! (Okay, actually there are 36 out of 40 col

    January 18th

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    latest finished objects

    attached photos of the Irish Hiking Scarf - finished; as I said before it was suppossed to be a Christmas 2005 gift; the second item is a a jo sharp mohair 'Indulgence' and KidSilk Haze scarf - which was suppossed to be another 2005 Christmas present. The mohair one doesn't have to be shipped though - the recipent took it about 30 seconds after I took the photo.

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    ...and here's Teak

    Here is Teak modeling his Daddy's scarf....

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    It's scarf time

    Hey guys..

    It has been quite a while since I posted up on I thought I would show you all what I have been working on.

    These are two scarfs that I finished up late this fall for me and my boyfriend Brandon. We have had an unseasonably warm winter so far...but the cold finally hit today and I was able to venture out in my new alpaca scarf and loved every warm cuddly minute of it. One woman at the bank stoped me and commented on how nice my scarf was and wondered where I had gotten it...she didn't believe me at first that I had made it...but we chatted for a while and she just thought it was great.

    My dogs love to cuddle up in my knitting so I thought they would wonderful models (my next project is going to be a sweater for Snow so she can have something knit all to herself) here they are...

    The scarf I knitting up for me is being modeled by is just k2p2 ribbing all the way up in Misty Baby Alpaca Chocolate Carmel and the stripes are done in the Toffee Cream color

    Brandon's scarf is being modeled by Teak...and it is also k2p2 ribbing...but knit in alternating stripes of Rowan Natural Silk Aran (light blue and black)

    Well that is it from out here in Virginia...Hope all is well out there in knitting land...take care boys!

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    Casting On Troubles

    I'm very new to knitting and am still having my fair share of issues. I have a hard time casting on and then knitting the first row. Mainly, I think it's a function of the "death grip" that people have talked about in other forums. But, I'm also wondering if there's better ways to cast on or different ones for different situations. I'm especially having trouble getting the right needle into those first cast on stitches.

    The casting-on that I've used involved tying a slip-knot onto the left needle, then inserting the right needle through it (like knitting), wrapping the yarn around the right needle (like knitting), and then pulling the loop through and slipping back onto the left needle. My issue with that is knowing which way the loop should go onto the left.

    Another cast-on involved the same slip-knot, but then kind of looping the yarn stitch-by-stitch with the left hand while loading it onto the needle. This is the CO I have the greatest problem with... I may be making the stitches too tight again...

    Any thoughts?

    January 17th


    This is one of the hats I have done over the last couple of days.

    January 16th

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    Stitches West 2007

    Has anyone ever attended one of the Stitches events marketed by Knitters Magazine? They are held a few times during the year in various locations across the country.

    Stitches West is being held in Santa Clara, California February 23-25. Information is located at

    Thanks for any information!


    January 15th

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    Qiviut Yarn

    has anyone worked in Qiviut before? I have been reading about it and I'm thinking of getting some and trying it out - maybe a hat for my bald skull! - anyone who has any ideas for yarn sources that they have tried please let me know - I don't mind ordering online, but with the guidance of the experts on this site, maybe I'll get a yarn and pattern together that is manageable!

    I know it's expensive - so I don't have a problem with spending - I prefer, however, to talk with you about it first if I can't see the yarn firsthand.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!