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September 5th

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Charity Knitting

Yes, I know it's been a long, long time since I've posted ANYTHING! But, I have been lurking and checking in everyday.

September 4th

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ankle sock pattern

Ok, so I'm frustrated right now. I'm looking for a nice and easy ankle sock pattern for men that can be done on either size 1, 2, or 4 dpn's.

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Books/sites on dyeing

So, I'm definitely going to be getting more into dyeing my own yarns.

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Knitters Uncensored Episode #07 is online!

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Yay! Knitters Uncensored episode #07 is out!!! As always, it's full of nonsense! ;-p

Go download and listen!

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so...i finally finished this:

September 3rd

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Can one ever have too many knit/crochet beanies....?

28% (25 votes)
29% (26 votes)
i have one for every day of the week
1% (1 vote)
i have one for every outfit
6% (5 votes)
never made one
28% (25 votes)
don't wanna make one/get away from me
8% (7 votes)
Total votes: 89

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Tradition Winner!

Congratulations Adam Childs!

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organic cottage industry yarn

just thought I would throw this out here and see if any of you buy yarn from the small farms that sheer their own sheep and spin it in to yarn or if you all pretty much just buy from your yarn shops.

September 2nd

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Waterloo's County Knitters' Fair 2007

Is anyone going to this Fair. I went last year and it was really good. It is Saturday, Sept. 8th in Kitchener Ontario. More information at

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My goodness

Well it has been since September since I posted anything. Wow.