Archive - Sep 27, 2007

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Lily's Wool

One of my better friends from England sent me a WHOLE POUND CONE! of sockweight wool!!!

Of course, this being a hat, it's definately doubled up...

...and well, as quoted from "The Birdcage"

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Kevin's Hat

So, I was working on this bit of energy spurt with the CapsForKids, and the housemate was intent on convincing me that this hat was going to be his.

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Reversible VERY Warm Hat

I got the idea from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Around" but instead of making two hats and whipstitching them at the brim to make a nice double hat, I just invisibly cast on right from the beginn

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...more hats

I designed the colour pattern for this...

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Caps for Kids

...some more grainy webcam pics, but, just to show off...

These ones are going to CapsForKids -- it's our October project with AC4C.

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More Book Mini-Reviews

I've been trying to cut back on my obsession with buying knitting books, but I recently fell off the wagon again and have been ordering more than I can afford.