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August 8th

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Crochet Color Stranding Hat done

It has been blocked and it is waiting to get dry and it's owner will pick it up Friday. I love working on two colors , I will definitely see what it is like in Knit sometime in the next few months.

Help with yarn for first Fair isle project

So I am finally taking the step to a simple fair isle project and want to go to WEBS this weekend for the yarn.

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Started Mario's QAL shawl pattern

Actually, I started Mario's Queen Anne Lace (QAL) shawl pattern a while ago but put it aside to start and complete another shawl. (I'll post pictures of that other shawl once it's blocked.)

Howdy Guys...

Relatively new knitter here ( doing it less than a year) but...while cruising thru an antique show this weekend, one vendor's wife was spinning wool into yarn. Very Cool.

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selecting a spinning wheel

I am about to buy my first spinning wheel - thinking of getting the Kromski Minstrel - and I wanted to find out if any of you have any input regarding wheel selection :)

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Harry potter scarf for your neices and nephews

IfI can make this anyone can----!!!!!

Hogwarts Scarf Pattern

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videos that show how to make socks

are there any good videos that walk you through making socks ----- I am a very visual learner and like doing things at my own pace.

August 7th

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Color Jog

When knitting in the round and changing colors, is there any way to avoid the "jog" when switching to the new color?


Hey guys, I'm a new kid on the block and I just want to share this - The Los Angeles County Fair (in Pomona), for the first time is sponsoring a "Men Knit Too" contest on Sunday, Sept.

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Self Realizations

Well, they say that the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. As I've been knitting today, I've come to the realization that there is something seriously wrong with me.