Archive - Aug 5, 2007

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Bubble Wrap Socks Pic!

On side view of Bubble Wrap Socks, finshed yesterday!

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Bubble Wrap Socks

Side view of Bubble Wrap Socks! It came out great!

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Bubble Wrap Socks is finshed!

I menage to finsh knitting a socks, sample for my hand-dyeing yarn!

Pattern: "Bubble Wrap Socks"

By: Sockbug at

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Knitting needles on aircraft

Hi guys. I'm planning a trip to the UK and New York in about three months time and my trave agent is telling me that I can not take knitting needles of any sort (metal/bamboo/wooden) on any aircraft.

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cuban shirt from knit1 magazine the green issue

Hi well I am half way done with this strange cuban shirt that iIrefer to as the octapus.(all the panels are knit from the yoke and later crocheted together) I am just wondering if anyone else has trie

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Bee Stitch Dishcloth Finished

Just sharing the picture from the gallery. I am still working on two hats one crochet and in knit and a sweater and ready to start a third knit hat lol!

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Charlies fingerless gloves

He just finished his first pair, complete with cableing (though it's hard to see with the color shifts) from the book Knitting with Balls....

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Afghan one

After spending lots of my monthly yarn budget at Knitty City and Yarn Co. here in NYC (two lovely places very helpful and pleasant to visit) I have started my first afghan.