Archive - Aug 22, 2007

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Hufflepuff Blocked

I have just washed this Hufflepuff Scarf and it is being blocked and getting dry. It is about 150 cm in length or 60 inches.

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Thanks for all the compliments on the hat! I appreciate that. Here's the link to the pattern many of you were asking for:

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seasonal knitting...

SO am I the only one who has "Seasonal Knitting Disorder"...maybe disorder is too strong word.

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Sometimes knitting gets the best of us...

Here's a video from an artist I like a whole lot. Her name is Camille and the song is called "Ta Douleur."

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Purl Increase

I was instructed by an experienced knitter that when increasing in a purl stitch, purl the stitch normally, slip it off the needle, and then take the purled stitch off the right needle, turn it, place