Archive - Aug 2, 2007

Bridge collapse

As most know, we in Minneapolis/St Paul metro and outlying area are still waiting to hear if loved ones and friends are alright after the bridge collapsed yesterday in rush hour traffic.

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Moved in

Sweetie and I decided to put our stashes in one place. After much looking and some disappointments we have finally moved into a nice apartment.

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Some baking thoughts

Sometimes you need something substantial to eat and these low carb sticky buns will do the trick. I amde them last nite to have a change of pace. I am still working onmy new Hiking cap.

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Slightly Beyond Basic - The "Easy Peasy" Shawl

seems like this disappeared again - leastwise I can't find it on my blog. So posting it again.

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Scarf weight?

Not TOO heavy, I know, but how heavy can a scarf comfortably be?