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July 10th

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Totally Naked Hands...

....totally knitting.

Found it on Youtube. Funny!

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I hesitate to mention it. . .

Is anyone else signed up for the Mystery Stole Three? The yahoo group is well over 6000 knitters, and Melanie (the designer) was just interviewed by USA Today regarding this "World wide event".

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sewing up blanket squares - how to?

I am trying to figure out how to assemble all my squares for the mitered square blanket I'm working on - if anyone has an idea on how to do this (step by step for the newbie please) let me know - I'm

July 9th

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Never Mind!!

I realized that I had saved it in my favorites!
So instead I'll just share a link to her work instead....

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Sculptural Knitting

A while back, way before I ever picked up a set of needles, I stumbled across a photo on flickr by a woman who does these dimensional knitted pieces...they were either inspired by ocean life (anenomes

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Heading to San Francisco

Hope to see some of you guys next Monday evening at the knitter's night at the GLBT Community Center.


July 7th

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Knit a River

found this pic of the river on Flickr...
I know a lot of us knitted squares for it...

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What is a group of knitters called?

I was listening to the knitting podcast "Stitch Stud & His Bride" in which he mentions a survey being conducted about what to call a group of knitters.

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What is a group of knitters called? "A _________ of knitters"

6% (9 votes)
1% (2 votes)
5% (7 votes)
7% (10 votes)
30% (43 votes)
7% (10 votes)
3% (5 votes)
14% (20 votes)
8% (12 votes)
3% (5 votes)
7% (10 votes)
7% (10 votes)
Total votes: 143

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Morning Knitting Spot....

This is the spot where I sit and knit/have coffee in the mornings.