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July 14th

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The Phoenix An almost Recycled Afghan

Here is the Before and after pictures of the afghan. It was crocheted, now it is knitted and just one panel of new yarn.

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Strengthening Yarn / Paintbox

Is there a way of strengthening yarn?

July 13th

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Crocheted Border In the making

Well still working on my afghan, and will have a before and after picture soon. I have been working on the edging and I am sharing that picture with you first.

July 12th

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Stupid broad shoulders....

While I am quite attached to my shoulders, they provide me no end of trouble finding good shirts.

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The Recycled Afghan get's put together

The Recycled Afghan 2007 It is here on this link, and at this time I am making the border around it.

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A Knit Ferrari!

Just more proof that knitters have boundless imaginations!

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Knitted iPhone

One of my coworkers just sent this to me :)

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Any ideas?

I just bought some lovely yarn - it's cotton and linen so it's uneven with bobbles in. I wanted to make a scarf for a friend and haven't had a lot of luck with a stitch which looks good.

July 11th

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Help Me Design A Scarf

Wanna help me design a crazy stripe scarf?

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image module going crazy again

I increased the maximum file size for image uploads and the image module has decided to go through and regenerate derivative images again and clutter up the Recent Posts page.