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July 18th

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So I've started my second "in the round" project and have already hit a snag (no pun intended).

July 17th

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Fingering pattern

Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I could go for some good men's fingering weight sweater patterns?

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Brief note

Hello Men!

July 16th

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Should I be bitter...

that my partner Charlie has already passed my skill levels where knitting is concerned, lol?

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Are you ready for the Winter?

I just got some great Hand Dyed Wool from an Ebay Store I believe the store is . I don't know about you, but I love Christmas and the Holiday Season.

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We're on TV

My episode of Knitty Gritty just aired and this site got mentioned!

July 15th

what to do with odds and ends

I like most here have lots of left over bits of yarn from various projects made over the years.

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In the beiginning there was just ribbing

A sweater has been started, which material am I using?

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I Knitted this for my partner Ian

July 14th

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Bishops Yarns in Chatsworth, CA - 70% off everthing

a quick note to let my guys know that Bishops is REALLY getting close to closing - starting Tuesday, she's selling everything (books, needles, yarn, notions) at 70% off!!! -