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Oklahoma City

I'm curious if there's anyone in the OKC area? If so, do you know of any knitting spots/groups/etc?

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Sideways: The Vest

Hello Knitter Boys,

Happy Inter-Depedence Day to all of you, wherever you are!

I've attached pictures of the side to side vest that I did while the Best Beloved was healing earlier this year. It's made with Noro wool/silk blend that I found a great deal on, from eBay, and the design is from I'm very, very happy with the pattern - I did have to make some adjustments (I found the V neck in the design too small, so I deepened it), but what a nice surprise to take her ratio system on faith and find, when the vest was all sewn up, that it works so well. in fact, I liked it so much I've actually undone another vest that I made and re-doing it with this pattern!

On a sad note, our 12 year old dog Bailey was diagnosed two weeks ago with cancer in her lungs and abdominal cavity. We will spend our summer tending her and easing her journey to the Other Side. It is not the summer I wanted, but it will be the summer during which I will learn a lot.

Best to all of you from
Jonathan in DC

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my blocking board

A big thanks to all of you that offered suggestions and links to making a blocking board i followd your suggestions but ultimeately i used a combination of surfaces to create my ultimate blocking board. I started by using 2 x 600mm/ 900mm frames cork boards and then to add extra depth and fill in the depth difference between the cork and the frame i added a layer of cardboard from a old packing carton that fitted perfectly within the frame, i then purchase 2 yoga mats from a discount store and layed them to add a waterproof layer and then finally covered them in Gingham to assist in squaring up the peices on the board. check it out!! I think that it work beautifully and i saved about $200 in shipping

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Happy 4Th of July!

Between Purls and Knits one can always bake a Cheesecake!