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June 10th

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Putting on the Ritz, or, Rehab Happens

Hello! I'm happy to announce that the Best Beloved had his cast removed last week and now wears two shoes and walks with a cane (sort of - I mean, he sort of walks. He mostly meanders slowly). And, there has been enough bone growth that the doctor and physical therapist have both approved starting to drive, which he will do at the end of this upcoming week.

His recovery from the shattered leg has been a long one and the doctor says it will be December now before we're back to normal. And they tell him he'll never run (he never did, so he's a bit relieved!). Still, he can now empty the dishwasher, drive, AND walk with a cane. I'm eagerly awaiting the top hat and tap dancing!

The past four months have involved a lot of Netflix and a whole lotta knitting on my part. We've finished two seasons of Battlestar Gallactica, the first season of the new Dr. Who, and lots of movies. On my part, I have restocked my stash, knitted a couple of vests (one of which I need to redo), some socks, a baby blanket for the new grand niece, dish rags (never done that before - mindless yet fun), and continued work on B. Walker's Learn to Knit afghan.

This summer we will swim, walk slowly, and I think I'm going to try my hand at knitting the linen curtains from Mason*Dixon Knitting.

June 9th

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Knitted Clock

I just finished this knitted clock for my mother. It was an easy and fun little project.

June 8th

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WIP two

So now I have two WIP's. I am working on my socks out of Trekking Pro Natura (with bamboo) AND I started the golf vest from "Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men" (good book, recommended) in a lovely bottle green from Ausi Wool. I am working on size 17 needles and Dayum is this thing growing quickly. The vest is my "couch" project while the socks are my "to-go" project; although if I switch to a circular needle for the vest I suppose it too could graduate to the "to-go" pile.

Thursday I had a Professional Development day at the American Museum of Natural History. I brought my sock and knit during the "Genetics and evolution" symposium (which I loved, but I was among the few on that one) and during lunch. The funny part of the story starts Wednesday evening when I met sweetie at her LYS. I had showed up earlier than she, and was fondly remembered by the owner who insisted on introducing me to every knitter in the place, as well as anybody who came in. When sweetie came in she found me deep in conversation with the owner of the store and two patrons; we were all sitting around the table knitting and talking about the Hamptons, the current conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, and other interesting topics of conversation. Sweetie has been joking for the past few days that they like me more than her at all the yarn stores we go to, and it did not help any that the owner saw her as an extension of me, rather than the way us dudes are usually seen in yarn stores, a large bag of bones there to support, physically and financially, our SO's yarn purchases. It is not true, but it is funny that one owner here in NYC asks sweetie (who has been going to the store for years) how I am doing after I have been in the store no more than 5 times. I guess it is good to be a rare thing; a man who knits.

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Haven't Been Here In A While

Just popping in. I haven't been on here in a while. I've been dealing with an episode of depression and just haven't felt much like knitting or anything else for that matter.

I got myself back on meds which was something of a bummer as I'd been off them for 5 years. But if ya need em ya need em.

I just started knitting again a couple of days ago. I'm currently working on a knitted clock as a gift for my mother. After that I'm hoping to finish the cotton socks I started a while back and have pretty much ignored for a while.

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Knitters Uncensored Episode #02 is up!

Our second episode is up!!! Yay!!!!

Go check it out over at our blog.

Or go and download it HERE.

June 7th

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Cast on another "My Design"

AC4C (All Crafts 4 Charity -- the group that I knit for) absolutely loved the sweater/jacket that I did up...

So, I've cast on another one with a different variegated -- has more of a yellow bit to it, so, I'll do the solid sleeves again in yellow.

'cool...I love it when things go well with a pattern that I show everyone.

OH YEAH...and football is just around the corner!!! Patriots had mini camp this week!!! I can feel it in my bones already. I'm ALL over that!!!


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UP Up and away!

flying to West Palm Beach tomorrow, (Niece's wedding) and will be gone a few days.

The various WIP's are either too big at this point, or worked from cones, which is awkward, or both, so of course I had to start a new project. (ouch! twist my arm!)

It will be a rectangular stole, done in an eyelet diamond pattern, alternated with stockinette diamonds and a simple "frame" of reverse garter stitch.

It's using some black laceweight - I think it's alpaca but I may be wrong - on size US 6 needles (small size for me, but they are the "brightest" needles I have, and with black laceweight I need the contrast)

eleven repeats of the diamonds should give me the length I need. *IF* my sister did as I requested and got me an aisle seat, then I should have a good length of this done by the time the weekend is over. Should have some good qaulity knitting time both Saturday and Sunday; I'm not in the wedding party so my time should be mostly free except for the ceremony and reception - and since Saturday is KIP International, it seems appropriate that The Hampton Inn Lobby be graced by my presence.

June 6th

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My Design

Once people get to know me and my knitting and such, they'll understand that one of my biggest influences (besides my late grandmother who taught me to knit when I was five years old) is the brightest star (IMHO) in the world of knitting: Elizabeth Zimmermann.

She presents in her books patterns, but not so much just patterns to follow and make, but ideas to create -- and also a new sense of bravery to just cast on and knit -- and then just plain common sense in garment making.

So, I combined a couple of techniques from her books and came up with this. It's off to a charity in Georgia, but I thought I'd share a picture with everyone.

Sorry 'bout the quality -- a grainy webcam is all I have at present, but, good enough to take some pictures of stuff that I really want to share with people.


June 5th

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UFO's and WIP's

How many WIP's and UFO's do you guys have? How do you decide when a projest goes from a WIP to a UFO?

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Interlude in the 'Desert Sun'

I'm waiting for any mistakes in 'Queen Anne's Lace' to display themselves, preparing for several family functions;trying to write up the various variations for Fibonaccci Eyelets, catch up with the spawning blankets and wedding shawls and resist the temptation to cast on about a gazillion projects...

So - for "mindless knitting" - I'm working on Desert Sun from GoddessKnits.

Now, I know it doesn't look mindless, but the repeats are not long, very logical and very easy to "read" against your finished stitches - and each one is done 24 times.... the next three rows are all "knit 22, purl 2" - and the purls are verticallly aligned, so it really is the next best thing to mindless garter.

I started this last summmer, and currently have under 40 rows and the edge to knit. My version is being worked on US 8 needles in a heathered bayberry 2/8 Jagger Spun Maine Line wool.

addendum:6/7 - Under 35 rows left (plus edge)