Archive - Jun 6, 2007

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My Design

Once people get to know me and my knitting and such, they'll understand that one of my biggest influences (besides my late grandmother who taught me to knit when I was five years old) is the brightest star (IMHO) in the world of knitting: Elizabeth Zimmermann.

She presents in her books patterns, but not so much just patterns to follow and make, but ideas to create -- and also a new sense of bravery to just cast on and knit -- and then just plain common sense in garment making.

So, I combined a couple of techniques from her books and came up with this. It's off to a charity in Georgia, but I thought I'd share a picture with everyone.

Sorry 'bout the quality -- a grainy webcam is all I have at present, but, good enough to take some pictures of stuff that I really want to share with people.