Archive - Jun 28, 2007

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Entrelac Scarf

Here's a belated photo of the completed scarf I was working on, wrapped around my sister, its new proprietress...

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Ravelry Hooray

I got in last night! - I wonder how many others are in already - it is like being let into Disneyland and there's no lines - I'm clicking all over the place and while I don't quite understand the site yet, I think it's the place I have been trying to find that will organize my knitting projects - it's THE thing I have been wanting...

as long as you have good internet connections (sorry, Mario - I understand your plight) and a decent computer, you should have LOTS of fun on the site -

if you haven't signed up, do so - get in line so you can get your invite (it took weeks and weeks to get invited) and you'll be able to check it out yourself! :)

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*sigh* I must say I am disappointed. So much hoopla and people so excited. But I doubt I will spend much time there.

first and foremost the site is so slow to load (noticable at work over a T3 line - excruciateingly painful at home over dial-up)

I have no access to Flickr (not by choice) so have no way to load photos at Ravelry.

The site is very counter-intuitive to my mind. This is most likely my fault, I know that features I hate on some sites are the reason others like the site.

To me the place reeks of clique-ishness and MySpace/YouTube mentality"

So many up-to-the=second bells and whistles are in use and included that people without access to such (for example: those of us rural dwellers who have no choice but to use 24k* connections because there is nothing else available) are handicapped severely. aut0omaticly creating a "second class" citizenship

So I guess the not so fancy mainly text forums will remain my mainstay.

* on a good day - connection is often slower.

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G'day mate...

For all the Men Who Knit in Sydney, Australia... I'm heading your way soon! My partner and I are popping across the Tasman to check out the Melbourne scarf festival and then spending a few days in Sydney where I'll be attending the SSK knitting group on Saturday July 7th. It would be great to catch up with other male knitters while I'm there.