Archive - Jun 26, 2007

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Periwinkle (if you're interested)

I got a lot of compliments about my doggy, so I thought I'd share this with you all. I know it's not particularly knitting related, but apparently some of you love dogs, sooo...

It's a set of photos of my Chihuahua Periwinkle...taken with a camera that's pretty stellar.

Enjoy, and thanx so much for all the compliments and praise!!!!! It means a ton!


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goddamn sizing! I'm looking for some new garb - and I'm beginning to think that sizing charts are written for munchkins.

I know I am a-hem! as they say, "large" - but I'm sorry, an XL shirt should be more then a 40 inch chest! And when a cuff circumfrence of 6 inches (my wrist is 9 inches) is described as "generous" - I'm sorry; they are not fitting real people.

when you add in the long arms (I take a 37 inch sleeve) and the short legs (30.5 inch inseam) I **deTEST** clothes shopping.