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Blocking boards

Greetings from down under fellas! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for Blocking boards i found a great board at but when i enquired about shipping costs to Australia it came in at just below $200 USD. Do you guys know any other products that could be shipped cheaper or made here in Australia. perhaps you have a board that i can make???? look forward to hearing from you.
kind regards Arron

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Well sports fans it has happened:

I am now partially my mother. I am watching the Red Sox and knitting, all it would take to complete the picture would be a cup of tea, a slight accent and about 100 pounds shed; well maybe 120 and years and years of knitting experience.

So my couch project is coming along well. I am almost (within 2 inches) of shaping the neck. I am unsure whether to "go for it" and just follow the pattern to see what happens or take it into a LYS to make sure I am doing things correctly. Quandary Quandary.

Back to the first paragraph; it seems to me that baseball and knitting seem uniquely suited for each other. The pace of the game allows a novice knitter (me) to look down, read a pattern, make a note or honk at my yarn in the goose-like style without missing something REALLY important. I am beginning to see the benefits of a "Stitch and Pitch". I wonder if there are any more in the NY area.

I am posting an indifferent pic of my vest back. I was having issues with my camera and the lighting, Mea Culpa. I modified the pattern slightly in that I wanted the cables to "spin" in opposite directions. The original pattern has all the cables going in the same direction, but I knew that it was an easy fix so I went for it; it seems to make the project more personal to me.

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Regarding the cabling on the cabled computer case pattern in Knitting With Balls:

The WS rows are symmetrical, so they can be read from either direction, but the RS rows should be read from Right to Left, with each "chunk" of cable being read as it would from L to Right, but compensating from the fact you are flipping the work.

In short: I think I just needed to learn how to correctly read a cabling pattern...