Archive - Jun 16, 2007

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Quabling Query

Er, all morphological humor aside, I've got a question about cabling.

I'm working on the computer case from del Vecchio's Knitting With Balls and the wild oak cabling pattern looks a little crazy. I'm on the 20th row, I've been UTTERLY anal about making sure I'm reading and knitting the pattern right, but it just looks messy. Any tips regarding how to make cabling look more like the legendary "like it does in the picture"?

Its a birthday present, so any chance I have to fix things from here on in will be fantastic. Thanks!

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Grey Seas

Once again I set Sweetie towards the ocean and watch in stoic silence as the boat bears her over the horizon towards a grey and unforgiving sea. Well, actually I am putting her in a van so she can drive up to Block Island for a week of Racing and Rum while I stay at home, knit and keep my job. All is well and I wish her luck. I am again struck by the funny reversal of roles, someday I will have a nice nautical sweater for her; knit while she is asea.

My vest is coming along nicely, just about half way done with the back hoping to have it, the back that is, finished by the end of the weekend. But we shall see; the above paragraph makes reference to my guru being in BIRI. Maybe I will go to a LYS (gasp) and get some help.

Question: How strict have you all found stores to be on the "If you did not buy the yarn here we cannot help you" policy? I have never asked for help in a store, nor has any been thrust upon me but I am curious as to how helpful they may be to a project they did not supply.

Have a good weekend Y'all

Knitting (sweetie-less) in the Bronx