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COME and SEE this week's "Knitting Video CAST #3"

Hey everybody~~

I just recorded my "Knitting Video CAST #3" tonight. Come and see!!

This week iam going to talking about:

-Thanks:"stitch Stud and His Bride" podcast and care package from Lisa at "Peacecat This and That" knitting Blog.

-NEW "Knitty" summer 2007
talking about the "Sweet pea" lace socks and "Unmentionable" summer pants pattern.

-Blog Review:
"Turtlegirl's Bloggy Thing"
She has free pattern "Red Dwarf Socks"

-YarnPorn: Debbie Bliss "Pure Silk"

-Book Review: "Easy Knitted Socks" : Fun and Fashionable Designs for the Novice Knitter by Jeanette Trotman

-Music of the Week:"Spaces in between" and "Ride the tides" by
Shane Alexander

Album: "Stargazer" 2006

PLEASE visit my blog(copy and past the link) at

Thank you!

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yarn swap

OK guys - go to my blog

to get the questionnaire -

copy and paste it to an email and send that to me with your info - I'm collecting the data from all of ya'll and in a week or two I'll send out the pals!

Thanks! -


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Queued, again?

Hi Darrel,

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Really, why do my posts keep getting queued for moderation? Am I categorised as a Spammer? :-(

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Toe-up last!

Started: 04th March 2007
Finished: WIP
Yarn: On Line Supersocke 100, colour #907
Needle: 2.5 mm/ US #1-2 Addi Turbos (using MagicLoop method)
Pattern: Universal Toe-up Sock using Magic Cast-On
NB: Gusset and heel-flap construction based loosely on the method from Stitch Stud and His Bride

After having frogged the toe-up JayWalker because of the heel, and sending my Boyfriend Sock to the shredded graveyard also because of the heel (and the umpteenth times of frogging), something finally clicked in my head and I had the feeling that I could wrap my mind around the construction of gusset and heel-flap on toe-up socks. So, I pulled out a hibernating project and tried it out....

Voilà, it worked! The fit is perfect (pretty much on the snug-side, but I like it that way)...although I think I've done something wrong with the heel-base (forgot the short-row increase) because I ended up with 8 stitches less when I was done with the heel-flap....but I just fudged it and did some increases.

*Yay! for me*

I'm debating with myself whether I should just make this an anklet, so that I could start on the other side and practice the gusset and heel-flap again. Besides, I'm pretty *meh* about the colourway....the first word that comes to mind when I see the light-green is "barf". *LOL*

So, what do you think? Anklet or full sock?

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