Archive - Jun 14, 2007

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yarn stash swap anyone?

I am organizing a yarn swap - wanted to find out if the guys in here might be interested in participating - I haven't worked out all the details yet but we'll figure them out - at this point I'm drumming up interest - we will have a questionnaire that you'll be able to fill out, I'll match folks up to (as best as I can) provide each of you with someone who has yarn of a type that you might be interested in...

email me - either here or personally at and let me know you're interested - I know I have lots of yarn to select from, and I'm always excited to get packages in the mail...

sign up ya'll - let's have some fun!



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It's finished. I actually finished it out much earlier in the week...

posted it on my yahoo blog

just didn't get a chance to post here yet...

It's already out to the charity and hopefully in the next few months be on some lucky baby.

Hope you like it.