Archive - Jun 13, 2007

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new Kilt socks

just finished another pair of Kilt socks...although I'm planning to wear them with corduroy breeks...

two strands of heathered green, one multi-dyed greens.

...have another pair started in green/tan.

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Change Sleeve to knit in round

Need a little help. Working on a sleeve, pattern calls to knit flat and seam. I would prefer to knit in round, so I only have to seam at shoulder. Pattern is knit 30 rows. Would this change to knit 1 row, purl 1 row?

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I am so weak!

yes - I succumbed to advertizing. Popped into KnitPicks just to see what they might have these days...and they are having a sale.

I did manage to keep it down to 12 skeins of laceweight merino and round out the order with some needles I've been wanting to order.

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MWK ate my post....yet again

Hey Admin/Darrel,

I corrected some HTML in my last post and re-submitted and MWK ate it.

Here's the node number: 2578