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Only 3 Submissions

Hey guys, some of you might remember awhile back I asked for links to your knitting sites and blogs so that I could link to them on my "other men who knit" page. Well I only got 3 links so far. I'd like to add more so if you have a site you would like me to link to related to your knitting please send me your link to

Here is the page where I'm linking your sites.

I may move the links to a page of their own sometime in the near future but for now that is where they are. Happy knitting guys!

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yarn sale... the madness takes its toll...

i arrived at the shabby sheep at 09:50am this morning tired and still sleepy... to an already open store (i was horrified)... with tons of women grabbing up my yarn that i had already reserved (in my mind) to buy... so half of the yarn i took home was on a whim... it was their two year anniversary sale...

i bought an orange ball of pace to go with my ditto tweed yarn in brown and autum colors... they are for socks... i plan on making the cuff, heel, and toe in the solid... with the tweed for the body... then i picked up enough to make a green version of the ditto tweed and pace solid socks...

i couldn't think of anything else i wanted to make... when justin finally showed up around 10:30am (late again i see) he gave me the idea to make a harry potter sweater... the one with the inital on the front... but someone had already bought most of the green rowan felted tweed i wanted... (there was 15 balls in green this mornin before the store opened according to maria)... so i picked up what was left and will go back or maybe somewhere else to get the last of it... but i have 4 of the 10 ball required to make the sweater... plus the 1 ball for the contrasting inital color... so that should tide me over for now... and get me started on the sweater... if i finish it in time i can wear it to the deathly hallows book launch... (the final book in the series... how sad and exciting)... how cool would it be to show up in green (slytherin's colors) and piss everyone off... yes i know i'm that big of a dork... but i love the harry potter series...

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Just finished a tam with some Shetland wool that was left over from other projects. Very portable and quick. Almost instant gratification.

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