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May 26th

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site downtime

I was trying to upgrade the site, botched it, and my web host deleted the backup, so we're working with a file system restore from last sunday. The database is in tact, so no new posts or blog entries should be affected. There may be some images or uploaded files that're gone, but we'll see what more I can piece together.

I'm going to try a different approach with the upgrade and setup a new drupal5 installation and import the database in to the new one, rather than going the upgrade route.

This shouldn't result in more site downtime, but please bear with me with any additional inconsistencies the site may experience.



May 25th

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CHECK OUT my interview OUT!!!!

Theresa from "Knitting Time Together" Podcast
release my interview today!

EPISODE #16 "The Boy" (Interview with guy knitter)

Make sure youguys go and listen!!
Seems my sounds so wield..
Check is out what do you think!

HERE is the web: Copy and past this link:

Thanks guys!

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spinning wheels

does anyone have an opinion about spinning wheels? I'm entertaining the thought of getting one and wondered which ones people liked and why - any input is appreciated :)


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...and the woolly horse your rode in on!

At last my “woolly horse” aka “jumper board” but not to be confused with a “woolly jumper” (Aussie boomer joke) arrived from the Shetland Islands. I believe it is originally a Shetlands invention and is discussed in books about Fair Isle knitting; a pattern to make your own is in “The Fair Isle Knitting Handbook” by Alice Starmore. I’m not skilled enough to build my own so I bought this. It is really quite an interesting piece and I used it recently to block the Scalloway Yoke jumper. It worked brilliantly. I was able to adjust for my size and block the garment to fit. Because the air can reach all sides, the garment dries very quickly. I purchased it from Jamieson & Smith and it wasn’t cheap but given the amount of knitting that I do, I felt the money spent was justified. A benefit for me is being able to block a garment knitted in one piece. When working with Shetland knitting wools, the garment must be washed for the wools to soften and of course it assists to set stitches and the FI design. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t work with an Icelandic yoke jumper but I had no problems. I know that a number of knitting yarns don’t need blocking but Shetland wools definitely need it. In fact, I’ve read in numerous sources that Shetland knitters don’t consider a garment finished until it’s washed and blocked.


Well I guess it's time for me to introduce myself a little bit.
My name is Tom, I've been knitting since I was in second grade, and I've completed several projects (and kept about two).
I live in Minneapolis, MN and am looking for a knitting group that I can crash.
My battery life is low so I'll have to cut this short, but I look forward to participating here.

May 24th

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Two-Color Brioche Hat - Another cry for help

I am so sorry for posting this again, but I think this hat is fantastic and I'd like to try and get some skilled help. It's a brioche two-color hat from week-end knitting. I've checked other sites and blogs and it seems everyone has trouble and/or issues when getting to the Crown rounds. I know there's got to be a logical way to do the decreases so the crown looks symmetrical. Seeing as there is no way to contact the author of the book, or the designer of the hat, is the only way for me to finish this beautiful hat is to figure it out for myself? I don't nkow if I can! Has anyone else ever knitted this hat? Would someone with more skill than I like to try and figure it out? HELP!!!

with love,


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stitch and pitch

I went to the Stitch and Pitch event at Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday May 22 - it was awesome - check out and you'll find the information about the program and if it's going on in your area - it's where all types of fibercrafting folks get together and go knit at a baseball game! we were WAYYYYY up in the boonies but it was a great time - had a dodger dog, some nachos and actually got some knitting done.

the photo is of a project I'm working on - in progress - no photos of the hundreds upon hundreds of knitters surrounding me ... just this one neat photo of my cables :)


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Is efforweewon hauntin' wabbits?

Because it's been vewwy, vewwy quiet!

QAL bind-off begins in 161 stitches.

Had a wierd/scary/serious evening yesterday with a young couple who are "chosen family" - in which I agreed to be designated legal guardain for their three kids "in case".
As I said at one point last, not that I'm unwilling or I don't love the sproutlings (the two girls are already my god-children and I imagine the (unknown gender) in the oven will be as well) - but I do **NOT** wish for that partular legal document to ever be used.

So between the nervous energy, the late chit-chatting, and the loverly glass of home brewed kahlua synapses not firing too well today.
I'd ask if it showed, but don't want to know.

Nephew got final approval on his June 30th ordination to the Episcopal Deaconate yesterday as well, he and his not-quite-yet-fiance both graduate from Yale Divinity School this weekend.

I'm gonna be cat sitting. Which is not as easy as it sounds, since 3 of the five cats do not consider me to be an acceptable substitute in the "snuggle/petme" department. Which means they spend a lot of time going here, there, and complaining that the appropriate person is not available. And there's some siamese somewhere in their ancestry - I can tell by the yowls. So they need to check outdoors; then because he ain't there, they come in; then they need to check the *other* door.

May 23rd

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new chat room

Because the previous chat module left many, many... many things to be desired, I've decided to go with a hosted chat solution, Web 2.0 style, from Lingr. It's pretty intuitive, but here are two useful tips on using it:

- You'll have to enter a chat nickname when you arrive
- To send someone a private message, just click their name

Everything else was pretty obvious to me, but check out their help section or just shoot me a message if you have any trouble using it.


May 22nd

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Scalloway Yoke Jumper

1. This is a pattern from the book “The Art of Fair Isle Knitting” by Ann Feitelson. I love this book and I like this design. This is my first real stranded knitting project worth mentioning.

2. The knitting wool is from Jamieson & Smith in the Shetland Islands (Scotland) and they are lovely to deal with. Very nice emails and phone conversations and speedy service. Given the fantastic colour palette of their knitting wools, I reckon they have become my supplier of choice!

3. The Shetland knitting wool was so different from the knitting wools I’ve been using. It feels “hard” to the touch, just like the home-spun that I had purchased a while back. But, unlike that horrible home-spun, this wool knits beautifully. And, once washed in only water, it becomes very soft to the touch.

4. It’s my experience that Shetland wools need to be wound into balls. When pulling from the centre, I ended up with lots of yarn spew which usually was tangled as this wool tends to knot up easily. It was too risky to trust the skeins to pull cleanly.

5. It is a 2-ply that knits as a 4-ply. I know that there are several MWK members who will knit jumpers in nothing larger than a 5-ply. I can now see the advantages of knitting a stranded multi-colour pattern with a smaller wool. The pattern stands out so much better and there is a definition and intricacy of the knitted design that the larger size wools can’t achieve (in my opinion).