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Two-Color Brioche Hat - Another cry for help

I am so sorry for posting this again, but I think this hat is fantastic and I'd like to try and get some skilled help. It's a brioche two-color hat from week-end knitting. I've checked other sites and blogs and it seems everyone has trouble and/or issues when getting to the Crown rounds. I know there's got to be a logical way to do the decreases so the crown looks symmetrical. Seeing as there is no way to contact the author of the book, or the designer of the hat, is the only way for me to finish this beautiful hat is to figure it out for myself? I don't nkow if I can! Has anyone else ever knitted this hat? Would someone with more skill than I like to try and figure it out? HELP!!!

with love,


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stitch and pitch

I went to the Stitch and Pitch event at Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday May 22 - it was awesome - check out and you'll find the information about the program and if it's going on in your area - it's where all types of fibercrafting folks get together and go knit at a baseball game! we were WAYYYYY up in the boonies but it was a great time - had a dodger dog, some nachos and actually got some knitting done.

the photo is of a project I'm working on - in progress - no photos of the hundreds upon hundreds of knitters surrounding me ... just this one neat photo of my cables :)


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Is efforweewon hauntin' wabbits?

Because it's been vewwy, vewwy quiet!

QAL bind-off begins in 161 stitches.

Had a wierd/scary/serious evening yesterday with a young couple who are "chosen family" - in which I agreed to be designated legal guardain for their three kids "in case".
As I said at one point last, not that I'm unwilling or I don't love the sproutlings (the two girls are already my god-children and I imagine the (unknown gender) in the oven will be as well) - but I do **NOT** wish for that partular legal document to ever be used.

So between the nervous energy, the late chit-chatting, and the loverly glass of home brewed kahlua synapses not firing too well today.
I'd ask if it showed, but don't want to know.

Nephew got final approval on his June 30th ordination to the Episcopal Deaconate yesterday as well, he and his not-quite-yet-fiance both graduate from Yale Divinity School this weekend.

I'm gonna be cat sitting. Which is not as easy as it sounds, since 3 of the five cats do not consider me to be an acceptable substitute in the "snuggle/petme" department. Which means they spend a lot of time going here, there, and complaining that the appropriate person is not available. And there's some siamese somewhere in their ancestry - I can tell by the yowls. So they need to check outdoors; then because he ain't there, they come in; then they need to check the *other* door.