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baby fair isle sweater pattern

does anyone know of a good baby sweater pattern (fair isle)that I might be able to use? I have looked online but I dont see anything exciting - the closest I got was some cardigan patterns using steeks (eek!)

I want to make a sweater for my new niece - she was just born - for a christmas gift this coming year - so I have enough time to work on it, and don't mind a complicated pattern -

just curious to see if anyone knew of any sites that had fair isle patterns that were cool - or of a good pattern somewhere that I could create my own fair isle pattern with - (some sort of formula that I could work with using graph paper to develop my fair isle patterns)



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Resistance is futile....

Wollmeise sock yarns

I finally caved in and ordered three hanks of sock yarn in the above colourways from the Wollmeise. In a way, this is kind of my own birthday present to myself, but I don't think I'll be getting it until Monday or so. I might be lucky that they might be in the mail right on my birthday on Saturday. *crosses fingers*

Have a great weekend!

(I'd have also posted this on Blogger, but their stupid bot thinks that my blog is a spam blog and locked I have to wait until a real person at Blogger takes a look at my blog to verify that it's a real blog and unlock it for me. *shakes fists at Blogger*)

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Fair Isle Knitting Books

I have just learned to knit Fair Isle and frankly, I'm addicted! I love it and wonder why I waited so long to give it a go.

I would like to purchase some books on Fair Isle knitting but I see that they are very dear on-line (none to be had here). I don't want to spend a lot of money on books I know nothing about, so I'm requesting recommendations - or warnings - about any FI books.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!