Archive - Feb 26, 2007

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Can't get it off my mind!

I am at work.
I have about an hour left.
I cannot stop thinking about it.
I am going mad.
I am trembling as the time ticks away.
I can do nothing else for my employer today.
I want to knit!

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Me in tears

Here I am in tears as the owner of the LYS helped me fix my pair of socks after I pulled out the needle. They all had quite a lot of fun laughing at me.


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Yarn disaster

OK, here's the picture of when I pulled out the wrong needle doing magic loop on a pair of socks at LYS. They keep cameras sitting around for just such emergencies! As you can tell, my hair has grown out quite a bit. I haven't shaved it since July 1st! Anyway, I think they are pretty funny pictures. Enjoy!


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cardigan for Maisie

This is just finished this this weekend. It is for my 5 year old cousin Maisie who is kind of like a neice. She is very gorgeous. However, she made her feelings very clear the last time I saw her in Liverpool. From behind an arm chair where she was hiding she told me 'Go away, I don't like beards.' Too bad Masie my love, it's staying. I hope you like your new white cotton cardigan that has been jazzed up with some ladybird buttons.

If you look closely you will see a couple of red wine stains, oops! Her mother will definately not mind; we grew up together and I know she likes a little glass or two so I'm sure she'll understand.

We're flying to NYC on Friday and I can't wait. If anyone is around and wants to join us kniting on Wednesday the 7 March let me know, it'd be great to see you, we are joining a local group called Booze and Yarn at Luca Lounge in the East Village.