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knitting in NYC

I'm in NYC in a couple of weeks and I would love it if any of you guys could give me some tips about yarns stores and where in Manhattan there are knitting groups. I know a few but any extra help is welcome.


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My first fair isle beanie

Hi guys have been enjoying reading all the happenings at "MEN WHO KNIT" Since my last post i have been busy travelling with work and recently got to meet with Gerard at I Knit LONDON it was great to meet a member who has used his passion to open a store and assist water aid with knit a river. But by far the best thing to come from this site has been my friendship with Jesse KIWIKNITTER who emails me most days and has become a valuable and wonderful friend. Together we are learning to become the best knitters we can be. We are both working on Fair isle... This is my first attempt which took me almost 3 weeks to complete and was ripped out 4 times I am very happy with the result and think that now that i have got the basic figured i really want to perfect this technique. Thanks to all of you out thee who inspire me through your craft, especially Jesse !! Arron
Sorry about the photo its not that clear but i hope that you get the idea.

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Photo of INOX Line Marker

Everyone has been helpful and I appreciate the response. I decided to put a photo of the item I'm looking for. The book calls this a "line marker" but I see on the item it's called a "pattern marker". I'm still looking!