Archive - Feb 11, 2007

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My First Sock Is Taking Shape

I seriously didn't think I would be able to do a sock, but it's actually starting to take shape and that shape is definitely that of a sock.

I only made it with a 4 inch top because I don't have enough yarn to do taller ones. But that's ok, I prefer shorter socks anyway.

Today I make the heel flap and turned the heel. I wasn't sure if I could do the heel turn, but I just followed the instructions and sure enough I had a turned heel! Woohoo!

I'm now working on shaping the gusset. I did make one mistake. I knitted one round as instructed, and then did a decrease round. I was supposed to do another knitted round before doing another decrease round, but I forgot and did another decrease round instead. Oops. I'm hoping it won't mess it up too badly.

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New Skein

I was told to start a new skein by pulling the end out of the middle instead of starting with the end on the outside. I have found it damn near impossible to find the inside end without destroying the skein and then having to re-roll it. The ladies at the LYS just reach in and pull it out without any hesitation. Does anyone have any suggestions to easily locate the inside end?

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Pink Scarf

Here is my third scarf-- I learned how to make fringe and now I want to put it on everything! I think I'm ready to graduate into some real production work and am thinking about a child's sweater because it will work up faster than an adult's size with less investment in materials. Any thoughts?

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Working on my 1st glove

Hey guys! This is my 1st post, and what better way to start my 1st post than with a picture of my 1st glove? I started it yesterday evening. As you can see from the pic, the cuff, palm, and part of the thumb are finished. It's going amazingly well.